5 Smart Gadgets You Didn't Know Your Home Needed

It’s time for homes to get smart too (Image Credit (L): Pet Cube (R): Amazon)

Homes really aren’t what they used to be. To keep up with the times of smart watches and 4K TVs, homes too have gotten smarter and more innovative. And it isn’t only for the sake of novelty or a flashy display. Smart gadgets can add value in terms of entertainment, security and even ambiance in a home. If you’re looking to make your home a smart one, consider 5 of these brilliant gadgets for your crib.


1. Video Bell

We weren’t kidding when we said that smart gadgets could enhance your home’s security and make you feel safer. With video doorbells, you can view who is standing outside your doorstep, record the video, communicate with them over speaker and answer the doorbell with your phone.

Sky Bell is available for approximately INR 14,000 at SkyBell


Video doorbell from Sky Bell


2. Smart Lighting

Want to bring the lights down low when you’re tucked in bed? Or add a touch of colour during a house party? With smart lighting, you can do that. Smart lights can control your home lighting from your device with various combinations of lighting colours.

Philips Hue Lighting is approximately INR 4,000 upwards at Philips


Mood lights from Philips


3. Pet Camera

Most pet owners know the struggle of keeping their pet entertained and still enough for a picture. Pet cameras are set to change that. They can shoot out treats for your pet, take their picture and allow you to keep a tab on them when you’re outdoors. Genius, don’t you think?

Pet Cube is available for approximately INR 16,000 upwards at Pet Cube


Pet camera from Pet Cube


4. Smart Speakers

Smart speakers are increasingly becoming more common in modern households and there’s a good reason why. Apart from playing music on demand, smart speakers can also book a cab, order a meal and tell you the weather forecast for tomorrow morning. All of that and so much more in one tiny speaker.

Amazon Echo is available for approximately INR 3,200 upwards at Amazon


Smart speaker from Amazon 


5. Smart Cleaners

Home cleaning is a part of adulthood that’s often dreaded but eventually has to be done. A smart cleaning tool can help that along. Robot vacuums can do the job completely by themselves while wireless cleaning tools can really get in there to tidy all kinds of surfaces, even the smallest of nooks.

Dyson V8 is available for approximately INR 38,000 on Dyson


Wireless cleaner from Dyson


Looks like homes are getting as smart (or probably smarter) than we are.

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