Beards are en vogue. That much is obvious. Whether it’s your hirsute colleague with a Gandalf special or the hipster barista you suffer each morning, facial hair is well coveted – and that’s not about to change. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s right for you: like all trends, you have to consider whatever the gene pool gave you. Designer stubble isn’t for everyone, but then nor is a clean shave.

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After you’ve decided what you want, it’s all about maintenance. Men’s electric razors are not created equal. Some are built to shave all hair (and several years) from your face, others are adjustable to achieve several shades of five o’clock shadow. The secret to a perfect electric razor is to identify what sort of fuzz you want (if any), and what tools you need to keep everything in-check.


Presenting: your complete guide to the whole prickly matter of not just deciding what level of beard you want, but how to keep it looking perfect.

Should I shave or should I grow?

Different types of facial hair will complement (or corrupt) your head, so identify its shape.

Like haircuts, different types of facial hair will complement (or spoil) your head, so the first step is to identify its shape. For example: if you’re blessed with facial angles to rival a model, soften your glass-cutting jawline with a fuller beard. But say you’re softer-cheeked, use stubble to carve out some much-needed geometry. And if you’re just exquisitely beautiful no matter what (which we’re sure is the case), feel free to keep your face totally free of fuzz.

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Of course, genetics plays a huge part. And for some guys, facial hair just isn’t meant to be. Still, even the sparsest patch needs maintenance. Or risk looking like a 14-year-old before his first shave with papa, your choice.

How do I grow more facial hair?

If you fall into the latter camp, it’s not a case of just surrendering to your genetic make-up: there are ways to stimulate beard growth that don’t require a Peruvian shaman or suspect hormone tablets from Guangzhou.

Place fitness first. Regular exercise raises your testosterone levels, which in turn, is responsible for hair growth on certain parts of the body. Better yet, improved circulation extends to hair follicles too, meaning they’ll receive a kick up the arse when you get your own down the gym.

Beard growth needn’t require a Peruvian shaman or some suspect hormone tablets from Guangzhou.

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Alternatively, reboot your diet. Various micronutrients – zinc, magnesium and vitamin D to name but three – are essential for healthy hair growth, so consider supplements if you’re not getting this stuff from natural sources. Of course, if you’re feasting on doner kebabs every night, don’t expect a few pills from Holland & Barrett to suddenly suffice your recommended daily intake.

What’s the best razor to use?

Always read the small print. Specific functions will cater to the sort of facial hair you want to carve or maintain. For instance, a beard trimmer with an adjustable blade is perfect for keeping some fuzz, while a triple bladed wonder will get rid of the beast entirely.

It also helps to recognise your skin type, too. Certain razors are equipped to deal with sensitive skin, so if your face flares up at the slightest drop of non-Sanex shower gel, you’d do well to spend the extra.

We’d also say do your research. But that part is boring (and probably the reason why you’re here). So, we’ve shaved the way below, listing all the equipment, gadgets and goos you need to perfect the facial hair of your choice.

How to get a clean shave

how to get the beard you want

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So you want it off: all off. Which is no bad thing. Many a famous (and handsome) face chooses to keep it clean, but it does require the most maintenance. You’ll need to shave almost every other day, and then seal the deal with the right sort of moisturiser. Nobody wants a shaving rash last seen in a biblical plague.

How to get designer stubble

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Stubble is tricky. Too short, and you may as well be without; too long, and it’s all a bit gap year. The trick is to find your desired length, and keep it in check with an adjustable beard trimmer. It’ll be worth the investment, too: a 2008 study by Northumbria University found that women are most attracted to those with stubble. Suits you, sir.

How to get a short beard



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So you’re getting into lumberjack territory. Good for you. But as your face becomes filled with follicular goodness, you’ll notice a few changes: dry skin, for one. Your newfound beard acts like a block to moisture, which means a decent oil and a meticulous grooming routine are paramount. Don’t worry: it won’t make you any less rugged, we promise.

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How to get a long beard

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Colour us impressed. You’ve reached Jesus-level beard, and you deserve all the same adulation. Still, maintenance and a regular trim are mandatory, as is moisture, a conditioner and the occasional shampoo. Enlist the below arsenal.

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