Our smartphone cameras are getting better and better. This year, the Huawei P20 Pro debuted with a camera to rival a DSLR whilst Sony is rumoured to be unveiling a phone with a 48-megapixel camera at IFA 2018. 


But did you know that more photos are taken with an iPhone every day than any other camera in the world?

Thanks to improvements Apple made to its smartphone ranges with the iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X last year, the images people are taking with their iPhones are breathtaking.

As part of World Photography Day, here are some of the best ever images taken on an iPhone as part of Apple’s “Shot on iPhone” collection. 

Shot on iPhone: the photographers behind the images 

Vivian Lui, Hong Kong

(Vivian Lui )

After discovering her passion for photography during her time at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design, Vivian Lui’s style includes portraiture natural landscape and product photography.

The founder of Studio UNIT, Lui said: “[I] Visited this place for a scouting trip where I tried to dissuade a collaborator from shooting at this now popular location. It was on a weekend, and these residents carried on their daily activities despite visitors taking photos and selfies around them. 

“Travel with a keen eye to notice what is extraordinary about the mundane and the ubiquitous, and perhaps you’ll find a fresh perspective.”


Maria Jose Govea, Los Angeles

(Maria Jose Govea)

Maria Jose Govea took this photo of her friend Anna. Originally from Venezuela, she is a well-known Canadian photographer and a former DJ who now resides in LA.

“This is my friend Anna. We met through a common friend and I asked her if I could photograph her and she said yes! Since then we haven’t stopped shooting together and we’re now best friends. I can certainly say photography brought us together,” said Govea. 


John Bozinov, New Zealand

(John Bozinov)

Thanks to his speciality in polar expedition photography, John Bozinov travelled to Antarctica to photograph this Antarctic fur seal bull.

“My favorite places to shoot with the iPhone are definitely the polar regions, in particular Antarctica as it’s the one place I feel the strongest connection with. Antarctica displays incredible strength through its towering glaciers and resilient wildlife, yet at the same time we can see its fragility to the effects of global warming by how quickly these landscapes are changing,” he said. 

“Antarctic fur seal bulls are very proud and territorial animals. This photo was taken in Portal Point on the edge of the Antarctic continent as a fur seal stands defiantly protecting his territory.”


Kael Rebick, Toronto

(Kael Rebick)

Kael Rebick has honed her photography craft by capturing beautiful images of her city Toronto on Instagram, with her work now taking her to spectacular destinations around the globe. 

“I travel and take pictures most of the year. I typically don’t visit tropical destinations but St Vincent and the Grenadines was such a special place. It was my favourite sunrise of the year. The iPhone captures the hazy magic,” she said.


Andrew Knapp, Ontario

(Andrew Knapp)

Photographer Andrew Knapp has published multiple books of his worldwide travels alongside his gorgeous dog Momo. He uses Lightroom for iPhone to edit his images.

“This is Muralla Roja in Calpe, Spain – the architecture by Ricardo Bofill is out of this world. The photo is definitely one of my favourite shots this year.”  


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