To paraphrase Yogi Berra, “iPhones? No one buys those anymore. Too popular.”

Writing for CNBC, Thomas Franck found contrarian guy! Good job, Thomas.

He was probably sending out press releases trying to get into the news but… still.


“Analyst downgrades Apple to sell because popularity of iPhone X means fewer phone upgrades next year.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Walt.)

The iPhone X is so popular that it just might wind up hurting Apple down the road.

The iPhone is a magical construct. It is at once so unpopular that Android is going to overrun it and force all developers to cease shipping apps for it, and at the same time so popular no one will buy one ever again. You could call it Schrödinger’s phone if in the original thought experiment the two states of the cat were two different kinds of dead.

It has been so successful that more and more iPhone users are upgrading early, eating into demand for future generations, according to New Street Research.

Once you have an iPhone, you will never buy another iPhone again. Why would you?! You already have an iPhone! Think, Madeline!

iPhones exist in a binary state, either on or off. If iPhone, then iPhone!

Of course, the smartphone market is reaching saturation. This is a problem for all vendors, not just Apple. Which makes it hilarious when the various Android OEMs manage to steal share from each other, increasing the fortunes of one over the other, and pundits cycle through the rise of Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei predicting each will doom… Apple.

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