CALLING all Windows 8 users – Microsoft is digging a grave for your operating system.

As part of its Windows 10 push, the company is making the official Microsoft Store for Windows 8 much worse.


Windows 8 is now six years old, but it’s practically dead in Microsoft’s eyes

According to estimates, Windows 8 is used by around 45million people globally.

But the OS is old news to Microsoft, with the company announcing that it will soon stop launching new apps on the Microsoft Store.

Worse still, apps you already have won’t be able to receive updates – effectively putting them on borrowed time.

So if you’re still using Windows 8 or 8.1, it may be time to consider upgrading.

 Microsoft wants you to upgrade to its shiny new Windows 10 operating system

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Microsoft wants you to upgrade to its shiny new Windows 10 operating system

From October 31 this year, Microsoft will stop accepting new app submissions for Windows 8.

That means anyone wanting to make an app that works on Windows 8 won’t be able to get it listed on the official Microsoft Store.

Then, from July 1, 2019, Microsoft will no longer let developers send out updates for apps you already have on Windows Phone 8.

And the same will be true for all Windows 8 and 8.1 devices as of July 1, 2023.

That means apps you use will no longer be improved, and could potentially become security hazards – because they won’t receive security updates.

Microsoft released Windows 8 back in October 2013, making a major change to the operating system.

It introduced a touch-friendly design that would let Windows be used on smartphones and tablets, rather than PCs alone.

The system was then upgraded with Windows 8.1 in October 2013, fixing some of the design niggles from the first version.

Then in 2015, Microsoft finally released Windows 10, the company’s latest version of Windows.

But the release was tainted by controversy.

Microsoft was repeatedly blasted for using aggressive tactics to get people to upgrade to Windows 10.

Users complained over how Microsoft appeared to be using software tricks and secret installations to get people to upgrade.

Many users who didn’t want to move to Windows 10 ended up on the software against their will.

Microsoft was successfully sued by a user who claimed her computer was broken by a failed Windows 10 upgrade that she hadn’t consented to.

Now the company is making Windows 8 worse, a move that probably won’t sit well with people who don’t want to move to Windows 10.

So why would you want to avoid switching to Windows 10?

Some companies will have built custom software for Windows 8, and don’t want to upgrade it for the newer Windows.

Other users will just feel at home using Windows 8, and would rather not learn to use the new operating system.

Whatever the reason, your Windows 8 Microsoft Store is about to get a whole lot worse.

Are you still using Windows 8? Let us know in the comments!

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