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You probably wouldn’t dive into a pool, lake, or the ocean with your iPhone in hand, right? But that iPhone of yours sure does have a great camera, one that’s capable of photographing or videoing all sorts of funny, moving, or memorable moments up on dry land. Wouldn’t it be great to capture moments enjoyed on the boat, on a surfboard, in a kayak, or in the pool? Sure, there are those disposable underwater cameras we all loved back in the 90s, but I think we can do better today. A lot better.

As in the AxisGo waterproof iPhone housing ($200), which gives you complete control of your iPhones camera underwater. And in fact, thanks to an interchangeable lens port, you can even upgrade your photographic experience with wide angle lenses and filters. A functional touchscreen membrane makes using the phone easy even when it’s secured within the case, and an optional pistol grip ($99) makes controlling the system easy even as you barrel down the tube of a wave or dive off the side of a yacht. Also, consider investing in the sports leash ($20) since a dropped AxisGO loses you both your case and the phone within.


While the AxisGO is a newcomer to the world of iPhone photography, AquaTech, the company behind the product, has been in the game since 1998, designing and manufacture all manner of professional photographic accessories.

AquaTech’s camera products are used to cover things including Olympic swimming, wildlife photography, and competitive surfing events. The AxisGO is oriented for the general public, but is constructed to the same rigorous standards as items made for these and other uses.

The AxisGo is available for the following iPhone models: 7/8, 7 Plus/8 Plus, and X.

One of my favorite things about the AxisGO system is that it doesn’t require you to download and learn some brand new app. The case and accessories are all designed to work with an iPhone’s native camera app, so all the options and settings with which you’re already comfortable are there at your fingertips, only underwater. The case even preserves access to the rear-facing camera, so underwater selfies aplenty await you.

Just think of all the fun you can have with an AxisGO case above the water, too. Whether you’re skiing or sledding or engaging in an epic snowball fight, not a flake of the white stuff will reach your precious phone while it’s housed in this hardware. The polycarbonate and aluminum materials used in constructing the case boast excellent impact resistance, so you can feel more confident using your iPhone camera while biking, skating, trail running, or, perhaps most harrowing of all, around small children.

At $200, it’s expensive. But an AxisGO case costs a lot less than a new phone, and it opens a world of possibilities both below the waves and above.

For iPhone X: AquaTech AxisGO Waterproof iPhone Case from Amazon for $199

For iPhone 7/8: AquaTech AxisGO Waterproof iPhone from Amazon for $199

For iPhone 7 Plus/8 Plus: AquaTech AxisGO Waterproof iPhone Case from Amazon for $199

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