Fans won’t have to wait long before they see a new wave of players sporting a very rare skin on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and Mobile.

That’s because the release of the new Fortnite Galaxy skin is just around the corner, with fans getting their first look at the new design earlier this week.

The rare cosmic outfit was back in the headlines just ahead of its launch, thanks to one very popular streamer.


Live gameplay of the new ‘Galaxy’ skin in action was shown off by Twitch streamer Ninja, one of the first official times the outfit has been used on PC live servers.

This was made possible by Samsung sending their new Note S9 to Ninja, who promptly set up his Fortnite account on the device.

This will have only heightened the hype surrounding the launch of the new cosmetic, which looks set to be a very exclusive item to have.

Right now, the only way to get the new skin is by owning a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, or a Tab S4.

“Play Fortnite on a Samsung Note 9 or Galaxy Tab S4, and you get access to the Galaxy outfit,” a message from Epic Games reads.

“The Galaxy outfit will appear as a free item for you to claim in the in-game Fortnite store.”

So if you know someone who doesn’t play Fortnite but is willing to let you log in on their shiny new phone, it makes for a very risky alternative.

It isn’t advised to give someone access to your Fortnite account, leaving just the standard route of forking out for one of the new devices.

The Note 9 starts at £899 while the Tab S4 is priced from £599.

But while Ninja may have been one of the first to show off the new skin on Twitch, more people will soon have access to it.

Giving these two devices exclusive access to the Galaxy skin means that it is set to become one of the rarest skins around in Fortnite Battle Royale. The Samsung website states that they will start shipping pre-orders for the Tab S4 on August 23 2018.

While the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is out a day later. So you can expect to see the Galaxy skin being used in-game around then.

Some recent reports have suggested that we might see the new Fortnite Galaxy skin lose its exclusivity in the future.

Is it possible that when the Note 9 deal has finished, the skin could be sold as part of a starter pack for Samsung users in the dedicated app store?

That’s what some fans are suggesting, although nothing official has been confirmed by Samsung or Epic Games.

Small print from some of the promo art states: “Available until 12/31/18 for Note9 and Tab S4 purchasers only; will be permanent for any owners who receive it prior to 12/31/18.”

And others have been looking to find more answers on the subject of a wider release for the Galaxy skin in the future.

Here’s what the team at Forbes found out this week, writing: “I took my questions to a handful of Samsung support agents, many of whom seemed to have trouble understanding what I was asking, but eventually I was connected to someone on the promotions team who seemed to confirm this, if I’m understanding them correctly.

“I asked several times about the fate of the skin until ultimately I had the rep tell me that I was “correct” when I asked if the skin would be sold by Samsung after the promotion ends (supposedly the purchase period to qualify ends five days from now).”

“This correlates to a few other Samsung support chats I’ve seen saying the same thing. Again, I am hesitant to take all this as definite confirmation, given the language barrier with many of these agents and how confusing several of these conversations were for me, but there does seem to be a pattern.”

So there’s a chance that this new skin may be launched as a wider Samsung exclusive in the future, although fans will have to wait on more information from direct sources.

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