Dog Instagram is one of the most beautiful places on the internet, full of gorgeous pooches looking their best and doing cute things. 


From Le Corgi to WeRateDogs, it seems we can’t get enough of dog pictures. 

Well you too can learn how to take adorable pictures of your favourite best friend, with the help of Google at its Google Pixel “Pup Up” event at London’s Victoria Park this weekend.

The UK’s leading dog photographer (yes, that’s a job and we want it) Nick Ridley will be there to take a professional photo of your dog, as well as giving you tips on how to use your smartphone to best capture your puppy.

Pro dog photographer Nick Ridley will take a gorgeous photo of your dog for you (Google )

You can join Ridley from 9am to midday in Victoria Park at the south east corner, near St Mark’s Gate this weekend (Saturday 26 August) as well as at another event on Sunday 9 September. 

Speaking about the event, Ridley, who will be using the Google Pixel 2 smartphone, said: “We all love taking photographs of our pets, and over the past few years, pictures of dogs have become one of the most popular subjects on the internet. 

“You don’t need pro equipment to be a good photographer; with just a few simple tips anyone can take great looking photos simply using their smartphone.”

Can’t make it down to the event? Ridley has kindly passed on his top dog photography tips so you can improve your pooch selfie game.

How to take a great dog picture using your smartphone

  1. Lighting is important: ideally, you want a bright overcast day make sure the light is behind you so that dog is well lit. Avoid very bright light as dogs tend to squint.

  2. Take a clean shot: watch out for distractions in the background, like furniture. If it can’t be helped, use Portrait Mode to add a natural looking blur to the surroundings.

  3. Make it about personality: try and capture the personality of your dog, especially when it’s running and playing. On the Google Pixel 2, use the burst function, which takes loads of photos in quick succession. The app will then pick out the best images for you to review.

  4. Get down to the dog’s eye level: you don’t want a top-down shot, so for a more engaging shot sit, kneel or even lie does so your lens is level with your dog’s head. It looks even better when the dog directly looks down the lens.

  5. Safety is paramount: most importantly, make sure the area where you are taking the photos is safe for the dog. Do not put the dog in a situation where it is uncomfortable or stressful for the animal. 

And remember to share your pics on social media with #PixelPupUp. 

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