A graffiti depicting a Palestinian refugee holding his former house key in Palestine and reading in Arabic ‘We will not remain refugees’ is seen on a wall of the Baqa’a Refugee Camp about 20km north of Amman, Jordan. EPA

Muslim pilgrims arrive to throw stones towards the symbolic devil represented by a Jamarat on the second day of Hajj 2018 pilgrimage in Mina. EPA

Greek singer Nana Mouskouri performs at the annual Byblos International Festival, north of Beirut, Lebanon. EPA


Syrian children ride a camel as they play in a park in the Lebanese capital Beirut during Eid Al Adha. AFP

Egyptian Copts celebrate the Virgin Mary’s birthday at the Orthodox Church of the Virgin Mary in Mostorod, Qalyubia governorate, Egypt. EPA

Iraqi children play on a swing in Mosul, Iraq. Reuters

A general view shows the Baqa’a Refugee Camp. EPA

Palestinians visit the grave of their relatives in Gaza City. EPA

A shepherd leads his flock to safety during clashes between Afghan security forces and militants near the Eid Gah Mosque in Kabul. AFP

A security official stands guard at a mosque in Helmand, Afghanistan. EPA

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