Attempting to find a Fortnite ‘apk’ — Android’s app install files — is likely to expose you to all manner of nasties

MORE than one in five apps purporting to be Fortnite on Android are fakes that could be spying on users, research has revealed.

Weeks ahead of the full release on Android there are already a host of apps promising early access, many of which demand “invasive” permissions, according to Top10VPN’s findings.


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Twitch streamer Ninja has been drafted in to promote the Android release of the game

The problem is exacerbated by Epic’s public decision to not distribute Fortnite on Android via Google’s Play Store, which has its own security systems to protect users against malevolent software.

“Epic is exposing users to fraudsters and off-brand markets which have created rogue versions of Fortnite,” Top10 VPN explained.

Epic Games’ Tim Sweeney said at the time that his firm was going to distribute the app directly to users to avoid what he called Google’s “store tax”.

Simon Migliano, head of research at, said: “This discount for the publisher could well come at a cost for gamers who might think they are accessing a bona fide version of the game, but instead be opening themselves up to being spied on.

The desire to keep all the money they make from skins has driven Epic off the Play Store

Epic Games

The desire to keep all the money they make from skins has driven Epic off the Play Store

“As such a high proportion of Fortnite’s user base are children, there’s a real concern that these real-looking versions of the game could be convincing enough to persuade younger users of their authenticity.”

Fortnite’s Android release is initially being limited to a handful of Samsung phones, but will be available to a wider range of handsets soon.

Even once the full release is out, however, only about one in ten Android phones will be officially supported by Epic Games, potentially opening the door to even more scammers as gamers try to circumvent those restrictions.

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