As a Certified Android Troubleshooter, there are certain tools you learn to rely on.

Whether you’re the official go-to guy or gal for Android problem-solving in your office, the unofficial single-person tech support team for your entire extended family, or even just someone who likes to make sure your own phone is always in tip-top shape, these tools are critical parts of the phone-fixin’ process. And one of the most helpful such items (aside from the hammer you obviously keep around for particularly challenging devices) is Android’s built-in battery stats system.

Android’s battery stats system lets you quickly see what app or process is consuming more than its share of a phone’s limited power. When a device suddenly starts running out of juice mysteriously early in the day, it’s the first place you turn to figure out what’s draining the battery and what you should do to address it.


I ran into this very issue with my wife’s phone just the other day (yes, dear friends: I, too, hold that ever-prestigious family tech support position — please, no autographs). Her device, she reported to me, had begun reached low-battery territory by early to mid-afternoon for no apparent reason. It’s not an especially old device — a first-gen Pixel — so I suspected some app she’d installed was likely to blame, probably because of overly aggressive background activity.

But when I went into the Battery section of her phone’s settings, I found an irksome surprise: As of the new Android 9 Pie release, the specific app-by-app breakdown of battery usage was nowhere to be found. (I think I technically learned that at some point several months ago, but my brain is 98% mush these days, and I forgot.) So what’s a Certified Android Troubleshooter to do?

Thankfully, the answer is quite easy. Android’s advanced battery stats are actually still present in Pie; you just have to know where to look to find ‘em.

Make a mental and/or digital note for future reference: First, go to the main Battery page of the system settings, just like normal. See the three-dot overflow menu icon in the upper-right corner? Tap it. Tap it with gusto.


And thar she blows, just out of sight: our elusive “Battery usage” option. Halle-forkin’-lujah.

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