It seems counterintuitive; after all, we’re all here because we love photography for one reason or another. But one common habit that almost all of us fall prey to at one time or another can lead a vicious circle of unhappiness stemming from what should be a satisfying hobby or profession.

Coming to you from Jamie Windsor, this great video discusses the cycle of using gear for gratification and how this can distract from the true reasons for pursuing photography and place one in an unending cycle of spending money for short-term satisfaction. I certainly don’t think there’s anything wrong with being a gear geek — that is, in the sense of enjoying the marvels of modern technology and using them. After all, cameras and lenses are pretty cool tech. However, when that begins to overtake the pursuit of photography and the gratification one derives from it shifts toward the acquisition of new gear, then photography can become a lot less fun. As Windsor wisely suggests, if you find yourself in this sort of rut (and almost all of us have or will at some point), it might be time to recalibrate by remembering what first drew you to photography before you knew enough to care about the technical side and return to pursuing that. Check out the video above for more. 

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