There are quite a few towers being built up on Samsung’s walled-off sandbox for 2019. One of them is a foldable phone, the other is the next-generation Galaxy S flagship with six cameras and which may or may not launch with 5G connectivity at the start and may or may not launch at CES.

With speculation already coming in blips and beeps by the day, one brokerage house has decided to put out a couple of big numbers. GF Securities out of China predicts that the Galaxy S10 will have an option for 12GB of RAM and 1TB of internal storage — Samsung, which makes its own IC for use in its phones, currently manufactures a 512GB UFS 2.1 drive. It’s also noted that a 5G variant will feature a 6.7-inch display.

GizmoChina reports that another investment firm — we have not been able to track down which one — had proffered the 12GB RAM spec line last month.


While a full range of memory configurations remains unknown, there are bets that the S10 will come with four color options and a ceramic back.

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