Things are getting a bit complicated in China after the arrest of Huawei’s CFO. This event happened a couple of weeks ago in North America, and its making Chinese companies support Huawei. Now, according to a report from Nikkei Asian Review, these companies are offering their workers subsidies on Huawei purchases. At the same time that they could also be threatening their employees for owning or buying Apple products. Not a great time to own an iPhone.

The holiday season is a great moment to upgrade your smartphone, but if you live in China, your options could be limited. After certain issues between Huawei and the US, Chinese companies are offering their employees discounts and subsidies that go from 10% off to free devices from Huawei. More than 20 companies are currently supporting Huawei and their products. Some companies like Shanghai Youluoke Electronic and Technology is offering up to two free Huawei phones per employee. Other companies like Shenzhen Yidaheng Technology are giving 18% discounts on devices from Huawei or ZTE, while Fuchun Technology is providing $72.50 back after providing proof of purchase.

The bad thing is if you own an iPhone. This device usually represented wealth and luxury, but right now it’s something frowned upon. Some companies have taken things a bit further. “A machinery maker in Shenzhen, where Huawei is based, threatened to confiscate Apple devices from employees and fire those who did not comply. Menpad, a Shenzhen-based tech company, said it would punish employees who buy Apple products. Finally, Shenzhen Yidaheng Technology said it would fine staffers who bought iPhones the equivalent amount of their device, while other companies threaten to withhold bonuses.” In any case, it’s not a good moment for Apple fans in China.


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