People create resolutions each New Year’s about things they want to accomplish on a personal level such as travelling more, exercising, or quitting smoking. But what about your business needs?

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The end of any year creates a certain level of closure and with that the corresponding re-birth or newness occurs. People create resolutions for themselves about things they want to accomplish on a personal level such as travelling more, exercising, or quitting smoking. But what about your business needs? The beginning of a year is also an excellent time to focus on changes to your business, trying new methods, and looking to improve and grow much like people do on a personal level.


Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are a proven advertising model for getting traffic to a website. Like all advertising models, it is important to regularly review and look to improve upon a strategy because as the saying goes, “Nothing stays the same forever.” Change happens. In the online world there are constant shifts as technology and platforms develop and evolve along with the regular societal and generational shifts that take place. That is why at the minimum strategies should be reviewed once a year to find ways to progress and the turn of the calendar is a good reminder. Today the Internet Marketing Company, Lounge Lizard, provides 4 ways to improve your PPC strategy for the new year.

  • Track Conversion Actions – As a top Long Island SEO Company, we understand the power of data and analytics when it comes to online success, especially when it comes to marketing. For PPC, tracking conversion actions is extremely useful as it allows a business to understand which conversion action will be the most effective and make the most sense within each stage of the sales funnel. All CTAs should be reviewed and mapped to see if there are obvious holes or gaps in your stages. Low-performing CTAs should be reviewed and improved. Content that does not convert well should be revised and updated. It is important to remember that not all CTAs should result in sales or signups because stages such as awareness and interest rely on nurturing for the entire funnel to be effective.
  • Research New Channels – Often people associate PPC marketing with Google Adwords because they are the biggest ad network, and quite easily the best network to use. Along with their high level of technological advancement and ease-of-use, Adwords works with millions of advertisers. However, the internet continues to grow and that means other channels and platforms can be viable alternatives or additions to a well-rounded strategy. The first step is reviewing and researching new channels and platforms to see if a target audience utilizes them. Then promising channels should be tested to ensure campaigns will be as effective as desired before jumping in fully. Potential channels to consider should include: Quora, Facebook, Bing Ads, Instagram, AdRoll,, Outbrain, Bidvertiser, Reddit, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Taboola, AdBlade, and LookSmart.
  • Use Audience Targeting – Audience targeting is a filtering method used to determine who will see a businesses’ ads in an ad campaign. Targeting is broken up by things such as interests, behavior, demographics, or location. Targeting of audiences can be used in conjunction with keywords for more effective bids and performance. By using the Observation function within the Audiences aspect of a search campaign, additional reporting becomes available. The goal is to look for keywords that people in a particular audience are searching for so that bids can be modified to take advantage of the best opportunities for a particular audience. Audience targeting is also very useful when creating remarketing lists for search ads or to exclude certain audiences such as users who have already converted.
  • Increase automation – Marketing automation took a decent leap forward in 2018 and that trend is expected to continue in 2019 because it is effective. Tools are becoming more advanced and there are numerous repetitive tasks which can and should be handled to free up time which can be focused in other areas. Bidding strategies, ad scripts, and other aspects of automation within PPC should be investigated and implemented where it makes sense for a business to increase productivity and ROI. By letting machines handle boring, repetitive tasks, employees can focus on planning and strategy development.

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