• Windows 7 would enter end of life very soon
  • Check out the Media Center and Media Player within your Microsoft Windows 7 now
  • Would you switch to Windows 10, or other OSes

If you are a Microsoft Windows 7 user, then do immediately launch Media Player and check if the Media Player is displaying information of a particular song viz title, artist, genre, actors, and even cover. This is because the Redmond-based company has stated officially that users of the older desktop operating system (OS) can no more access these details.

Now, this change is applicable to only Windows 7 as far as Windows Media Player is concerned. Users of other older OSes such as Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 would not be affected.

Along with the above, even the Windows Media Center app would also “hide” essential info such as director, actor, art, and TV guide with respect to multimedia content, from now. This change applies to all of the older OSes viz Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1 respectively. Microsoft’s Windows 10 would users would not have to deal with these changes.


These new changes could be a push towards Windows 10 adaption by users, considering the fact that Windows 7 still had nearly 35% of the market share; behind Windows 10 that was at more than 50% as of December 2018. At this juncture, it is worth noting that Windows 7 would reach end of life officially from January 14 2020. As of now, the OS has been receiving extended support from Microsoft; and once this is done, there would be no official support from Redmond.

This means that users could choose to migrate to Windows 10, or rival OSes.

Not just Windows 10, Microsoft has also officially announced that it would end Windows 10 Mobile once and for all from December 2019. If you are a user of the Windows Phone Mobile OS platform, your devices would still work but you would not receive support/updates/backup while the mobile OS gets phased out for good.

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