Addressing consumer need for a fast and lightweight mobile browser, Mozilla has launched Firefox Lite in the Indian market. The non-profit pioneer and advocate for the open web claims the Firefox Lite to be incredibly fast and lightweight with privacy-focussed browsing features. Available for Android devices, the application in itself is lightweight – less than 4MB in size.

Joe Cheng, Head of Product Mozilla Asia, says: “India is the second largest online market worldwide and a mobile-first country and is projected to grow to 666.4 million in 2023. Majority of India’s Internet users are mobile phone Internet users who take advantage of entry-level alternatives to expensive landline connections that require desktop PCs and infrastructure. This presents us with a huge opportunity to empower them with better than ever mobile browsing experiences.”

Firefox claims to have tackled the trickiest issues user faces on their phone – from the need for more speed to smart solutions for saving space and data costs. Various modes such as Turbo Mode, blocking annoying ads, and screenshot the whole page to read later help in faster browsing. It also blocks a wide range of common web trackers by default, which makes it a privacy browser just like Firefox Focus, Tor browser, and DuckDuckGo.


Firefox Lite’s always-on tracking protection blocks a wide range of common web trackers by default. Just like other browsers, even this one has Private Browsing where history, passwords, cookies are not recorded. Another feature ‘screenshot the whole page’ allows users to capture the whole page to read offline with a single tap on the toolbar, and the website link is automatically saved helping the user to quickly browse back. The browser comes with a night mode for more comfortable reading at night and saves phone’s battery life too.

“We continue to focus on providing tools and capabilities to our users and are always on a quest to discover and engage with newer partners to make our platform more agile. We aim to make Firefox Lite not just the best app for browsing and searching online but make it more engaging for our users and offer quality content such as news, games, shopping, travel deals and more,” added Joe Cheng.

Mozilla has signed up with Times Internet and DB Digital as the first official news content partners in the Asian market to provide its users with a variety of quality content. It also has MoMagic on-boarded, a leading intelligent marketing company as distribution partners to expand its reach. Firefox Lite is available in 15 Asian markets including Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

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