In this video, Nick Turpin offers his point of view as he takes viewers on a shoot in London. By offering the view through his lens, Nick offers a rare insight into the process of street photography in a way that is rarely seen.

I’m an unabashed fan of street photography. As an architectural photographer, street photography is not a genre that I’ve ever been able to do well. Perhaps it is for this reason that I can’t help but admire well-crafted street photographs. It was as a fan of street photography that I became familiar with the work of Nick Turpin. Nick is a London based street photographer who is well known as the founder of In-Public, a street photography collective (now archived). His portfolio demonstrates careful design, meticulous timing, and intelligent use of color.

In this video, Nick records his actual point of view through the lens, with breaks in the video showing when he presses the shutter. Throughout the process, Nick gives a running commentary, explaining both what he is doing and why. I have not seen a tutorial shot in this way and found that I enjoyed the experience. Instead of being prescriptive, this tutorial gets the viewer to think for themselves.


Personally, I found that I learned a lot watching this video, and I’m looking forward to more of Nick’s tutorials. I’m curious to hear what you thought of this point of view style and whether it worked for you as a tutorial?

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