You’ve probably seen them before, and the concept is nothing new to the market. However, as LensCoat keeps cranking out new Lens Cover designs to match all the hottest new lens releases, these protective camouflage sleeves are just as relevant today and worthy of taking a closer look at.

While I mentioned that they have models to match new lenses, such as the Nikon 500mm PF, Sony 400mm GM, and Canon’s 400mm and 600mm IIIs, I own the 20-year-old Canon 500mm f/4 IS and sure enough LensCoat keeps a stock for the lenses of yesteryear as well. In the latest video from my YouTube channel, I review the wildlife photographer’s staple accessory and give my thoughts on what works and what doesn’t.

What I Liked

  • Protection against bumps and scrapes, and a thermal barrier so the lens is always comfortable to hold on to.
  • The camouflage pattern prints look excellent and will come in handy with more cautious wildlife.
  • Sleeves are tight fitting and don’t slide around after they are on.

What I Didn’t Like

  • Completely covers functioning buttons on the lens I own and renders them useless.
  • The clear plastic window for the lens controls doesn’t work with flat switches. You have to make cutouts or you will miss shots.
  • I wish the sticky back coverings would come precut with custom cutouts.

You can find a massive range of LensCoat Lens Covers, including designs for the latest lens releases, available through B&H today.


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