We know the iPhone 6s may not be the latest and greatest that Apple is offering right now, but hear us out on this deal. For a limited time, Verizon is offering a free iPhone 6s or an iPhone 6s Plus for $5 a month when you add a new smartphone line of service. Apple has been known to support devices for many years after the company stops selling it, and the current rumors have the iPhone 6s series slated to receive the latest update, iOS 13, this fall.

While the iPhone 6s isn’t something that those looking for the latest and greatest would be interested in, it’s still a great device for many people. If you have a kid looking to get their first phone, or want something new for one of your parents who don’t care about having dual cameras and crazy depth sensors, the iPhone 6s fits the bill perfectly.

These prices are for the 32GB version of the devices, though if you want to step all the way up to a 128GB model you can for just $5 more per month. That makes the 128GB iPhone 6s just $5 a month, and the 128GB iPhone 6s Plus jumps to just $10 a month under this promotion. At these prices, these phones are pretty hard to beat. Up until just a few short months ago, my wife was happily rocking the iPhone 6s Plus, and still would be if I hadn’t bought her something new.


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