Promotional image for ‘Fall Guys’. — Picture courtesy of Mediatonic / Devolver Digital

LOS ANGELES, June 11 — It started out quite silly with obstacle course challenge Fall Guys but veered into screaming horror through Carrion; the indie label with a reputation for high quality and a taste for grotesque satire threw out a small but well-formed curveball, dropping 2018’s big reveal Serious Sam 4 in favour of four debuts and one update, packaged up as a 20-minute Nintendo Direct takedown from inside the mind of a comatose company exec.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Looking like a blobby digitisation of assault course game shows like Takeshi’s Castle or American Ninja Warrior, this concept has 100 competitors fling themselves through a series of improbable challenges for one to eventually emerge the victor. Due 2020 on PlayStation 4 and PC.


Devolver Bootleg

Eight games presented as off-brand versions of existing Devolver hits: Enter the Gungeon, Hotline Miami, Ape Out, Downwell, Luftrausers, Absolver, Pikuniku, and the compilation maker’s own Gato Roboto. Available immediately for PC, where the joke’s landing is helped by a forgiving US$4.94 (RM20.57) price.


Wreak a terrible and horrifying revenge upon your human incarcerators (it’s morally justifiable, you see). PC in 2020.

Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead

Devolver promised a US$5,000 game ahead of its E3 presentation and this is it, an arcade cabinet based on overhead viewpoint, procedurally generated shooter Enter the Gungeon that switches perspectives to take the form of a light gun game.

The Messenger: Picnic Panic DLC

Retro action game The Messenger receives a summer makeover in the form of this free July 11 expansion, where murky woodlands are swapped for sunkissed beaches and their accompanying dangerous sea monsters. For Switch, PS4 and PC.

Big Fancy Press Conference 2019

Those five game trailers took up less than five minutes of the 20-minute pre-recorded Devolver showcase, sandwiched between body horror, gross-out humour, and the tale of a marketing machine gone horribly wrong, plus a recontextualisation of the beast from Carrion as a rather dull and uncharismatic chunk. — AFP-Relaxnews

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