Prix ​​Levallois, 10 ans ! A photographic collection

This exhibition celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Prix Levallois presented at the National School of Photography, 16 rue des Arènes, from July 1 to 7, 2019, highlights the winners of the first decade.

It is designed from the collection of photographs built up over the years. The diversity of the approaches, as much by the aesthetic treatment as in the choice of the subjects, highlights the abundance and the opening of the proposals that the contemporary photography sweeps.

The prints on display are those that make up the collection of the Prix Levallois, they were produced under the control of the authors and, in fact, give a perfect image of their commitment and their artistic bias. The prints of Pierre-Elie de Pibrac, who have just joined the collection, will also be shown, as well as in preview, the photographs of the 2019 winner.


Exhibited artists :
Marvi Lacar, A journey through Avignon, USA, 2008
Shira Igell, In memory of, Israël, 2009
Virginie Terrasse, La Palestine comment ?, France, 2010
Alexander Gronsky, Mountains & Waters, Russia, 2011
Sophie Jung, Easy jet, Luxembourg, 2012
Max Pinckers, The Fourth Wall, Belgium, 2013
Esther Teichmann, Fractal Scars, Salt Water and Tears, Germany, 2014
Tom Callemin, Index, Belgium, 2015
Vasantha Yogananthan, A Myth of two souls, Early Times (Chapitre 1), France, 2016
Bieke Depoorter, As it may be, France, 2017
Pierre-Élie de Pibrac, Desmemoria, ou les oubliés du rêve révolutionnaire, France, 2018
Laureate 2019


The words of the artistic directors

This exhibition, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Prix Levallois, highlights the winners of the first decade, as well as the laureates 2018 and 2019, under the artistic direction of Galerie Le Réverbère. It is designed from the collection of photographs built up over the years.

The exposure of the 12 laureates of the Prix Levallois is a high-risk exercise, it is not specifically related to that of Levallois, the risk would be the same for any other price. A quick vision can make us think that it would be enough to perform a scenographic spin and the case would be in the bag. But to produce appearance to internalize the absence remains a dupe market.

To give body and make sense, this exhibition, consisting of the works of 12 photographers grouped at random, takes the party to set in motion a thought that, in contact with photographs, organizes the presence. This presence, the spectator will establish by his perception and through it, will walk through forms and subjects sometimes opposite. His eyes will recognize distinct sign systems from each photographer. The discovery of the laureates, in a chronological clash, does not seek to create false coherences, it rather emphasizes the diversity of the proposals.

The reference to the Gray Chart, well known to photographers, is the link between each laureate. This variation is a metaphor for the interstice that separates everyone while covering the broad fields of contemporary photography.

As for any birthday, a more or less heterogeneous set of personalities rub shoulders, creating echolality. It remains to leave room for alchemy and the murmur of time …

To accompany this murmur, a video journey synthesizes this decade by browsing the works in the collection.

Catherine Dérioz and Jacques Damez — Galerie Le Réverbère


Practical information and agenda

From July 1st to 7th: Exhibition Prix Levallois, 10 ans! A photographic collection
Free entry
Openings: Monday 14h-19h / Tuesday to Saturday 11h-19h / Sunday 11h-17h

July 4, 2019
5:30 pm: Announcement of the winners by Rip Hopkins, sponsor of the 2019 edition, in the presence of Stéphane Decreps, Deputy Culture of the City of Levallois, members of the jury and artistic directors (Le Réverbère Gallery), at the ENSP
18h: Opening of the exhibition Prix Levallois, 10 ans! Live hanging with the 2019 laureate
7 pm: A convivial aperitif in the courtyard of the National School of Photography
Thank you for confirming your presence at the vernissage:


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