Apple analysts seemed resigned to the idea that the Cupertino giant will go ahead with its plan of launching the iPhone 11 this year, a smartphone lineup that’s recently been described as either “boring” or “ugly.” 

Recent leaks such as the China-made iPhone case acquired by YouTube vlogger Filip Koroy (EverythingApplePro) showed that the tech firm is indeed pushing for a rear triple-camera module. The camera system has been a favorite subject among Apple fans simply because it’s huge and the large camera hump was surely going to affect the phone’s aesthetics. 

With all the negative media hounding Apple’s next flagship phone, it would seem only natural that the Cupertino firm would do something to remedy it. According to a report from Forbes, Apple might actually be releasing a surprise addition to the lineup. 


The news was first reported by the popular Chinese site Global Times and per the report, Apple is trying to come up with a budget-friendly iPhone with excellent features such as an in-display Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The report also said Apple could be dropping the Face ID in favor of the more high-tech feature. 

But here’s the caveat: The phone will only be available to Chinese Apple customers first since this is seen as a move to recapture a market that’s dominated by local brands such as Oppo and Vivo. The new phone is expected to be smaller and significantly more affordable. It’s too soon to tell if it’ll be like a followup to the surprisingly popular iPhone SE, but the new phone is expected to sell for less than $580. 

Now the question is how reliable is the information from Global Times. The fact is, there could be truth to the idea of Apple working on a smartphone with an in-display sensor as the tech firm filed no less than five Touch ID  patents. The patents offer an amazing array of tech such as breakdowns with photography and even the potential not only to scan fingerprints but to 3D model them. 

As for the release, it’s on a wing and a prayer to expect that Apple could still come up with a phone that’s worth buying this year. It might be wiser to hold off and wait for 2020 instead, which seems to be a better time to purchase a new iPhone. 

apple releasing three new iphones 2019/gettyimages Photo: gettyimages

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