The SMS Connect feature in Skype is going away on August 30. Microsoft announced the move in a new support article and is alerting Skype users with an in-app message (via OnMSFT).

“After limited availability, we decided to remove SMS Connect functionality from Skype,” Microsoft says in its support article on the topic. “SMS Connect will no longer be available after August 30th, 2019 but don’t worry, you can still find all your individual SMS conversations with full history on your phone.”

In its place, Microsoft directs Skype users to take advantage of the Your Phone app on Windows 10, which can pair up with Android phones and allows for texting and more from your computer. Microsoft also recently rolled out the ability to manage notifications from the app and is currently testing screen mirroring with a subset of devices. Notably, however, the Your Phone app doesn’t allow SMS messaging if you use an iPhone device.


With Your Phone becoming Microsoft’s focus going forward, it’s not entirely surprising that the SMS Connect feature is being axed from Skype. Microsoft continues to gradually build out the app’s set of features, and it appears the company wants Your Phone to be the main connection between phones and PCs.

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