Microsoft has launched its closed beta for Minecraft Earth, an upcoming augmented reality spin on its hit adventure blockbuster. If among the lucky few selected to participate, you’ve likely stumbled on the “Network Unstable” error in early sessions. This pesky banner doesn’t go unnoticed, affecting many of the early beta participants across opening cities. Here’s what the error means and how to reduce its frequency.

What is the Network Unstable error?


The already prevalent “Network Unstable” banner can largely be attributed to Minecraft Earth’s current beta state, pitched as a work-in-progress taste of the full experience. With only a small pool of supported cities at launch, Microsoft remains in the early stages of deployment, scaling the title across the globe.

Amid the ongoing rollout and behind-the-scenes maintenance, early days have highlighted instability for Minecraft Earth servers. We’ve seen regular connectivity hiccups on multiple devices across London, both on stable WiFi connections and in areas with reliable cellular coverage. The result is Tappables freezing when opened or AR experiences crashing, temporarily halting gameplay.

However, this error message is also a valid indicator of when on a poor connection or the cellular connection drops. The Network Unstable banner will appear more frequently when on the move, associated with the varied nature of mobile data connections.

How to fix Network Unstable error in Minecraft Earth

The primary workaround for the Network Unstable error is to lock down the best possible connection for Minecraft Earth, sticking to high-speed WiFi networks or the best signal in your area. Leveraging 4G (or early 5G rollouts if available) will deliver the best, improving speeds, latency, and packet loss for increased reliability.

However, given the nature of Minecraft Earth exploration, you can’t always guarantee a stable connection. Avoid subways, tunnels, or regions densely populated with tall buildings, all prime for poor service. We experienced the best results on open parks and city squares, delivering improved connectivity and much-needed space to walk and play.

Ensure Minecraft Earth can take full advantage of the available connection too. Check that no background downloads or processes are left ongoing and holding back your online experience.

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