Embird is another great embroidery software option that offers you access to a wide range of useful tools and features. This software supports more than 70 embroidery file formats, and another 20 embroidery machine brands.

You can use this software to digitize, edit, customize, convert, lettering and cross stitch your project with ease. Also, EMbird allows you to resize, split, edit, display, print, and also convert embroidery designs to the required format.


The features found in this software can be extended even more by using additional plug-ins.

Embird can be used in two modes –Embird Manager, and Embird Editor. Here are some of the features found in each of these modes:

Embird Manager can convert your designs to a big number of embroidery and even quilting file formats, supports a wide range of hoop types and sizes, can process designs in both ZIP and RAR files, and also provides you with a great-looking 3D preview of your design.

Another feature that’s worth mentioning is that the Embird Manager supports both Amazon and Azure cloud storage.

The Embird Editor can be used to insert/modify/delete colors or pattern trims in the design, can join designs for a seamless effect, and also offers you with a wide range of image editing options – move, resize density, centers, mirrors, rotates, etc.

You can also choose if you want to edit individual stitches, or an entire part of your design can simulate the final result in 3D mode, and can also print templates in a 1:1 scale on multiple sheets of paper.

You can find a good range of video tutorials on the official Embird website.

Download Embird 


In this article, we explored some of the best software options that are compatible with the Brother embroidery machine.

The tools we presented in this list cover all the areas of creation, customization, editing, and embroidering processes, with some great tutorials and easy to understand interfaces.

Please feel free to share your opinion on this software with us, by using the comment section below.


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