Cameras these days are smarter than ever, so why go full manual for bird photography?

When it comes to bird photography, there are generally two schools of thought when it comes to which camera mode to use. Some photographers prefer aperture priority (Av) mode which gives them the ability to manually adjust their aperture and use the exposure compensation dial to fine tune their exposures. Others take full control with manual mode and rather than thinking of exposure in terms of how to best compensate the scene against the camera’s neutral gray metering, they manipulate the three primary settings of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO directly.

The reality is that both of these modes may sound like different methods of getting the job done, but in this video Jan Wegener argues that in general they both boil down to the photographer only actually adjusting one setting. For aperture priority shooters, you’re probably going to keep most settings the exact same and only use exposure compensation. Manual shooters also keep everything the same throughout the day and only really bother to move one setting, and for Wegener that’s the shutter speed.


Would you agree with this video? Which camera mode do you use?

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