His work appeared in magazines around the world. One of the sport’s premier photographers, Michael Rauschendorfer offered a unique perspective to his work thanks to his passion for photography, sports and a genuine love for life. His broad smile never seemed to leave his face, whether he was grabbing some of his exquisite photos in the lava fields of Lanzarote or the Big Island, the speedy bike course in Frankfurt or wherever his immense talent took him.

It was almost by accident that Rauschendorfer ended up as a photographer. In his first job writing for a newspaper he was told that he’d have to also take pictures, he told Timothy Carlson in an interview published on Slowtwitch.com in 2011. It didn’t take long before he was becoming more passionate about photography than writing. Renowned for his imagination, Rauschendorfer worked hard to come up with different ways to photograph each and every event he covered.

In June we learned that Rauschendorfer would not be able to attend the Ironman European Championship in Frankfurt.


“After 15 times shooting Ironman Frankfurt I will miss it this year,” he posted on Facebook on June 28. “Seven years ago I had a skin cancer diagnosis. All went well at first, early stage, small surgery, no metastases to find, also not in the several examinations afterwards. Unfortunately four months ago, metastases in several organs were detected … Following a targeted therapy that helped just some months, yesterday I started an immune therapy. As science made good progress in the last years I’m optimistic, but it will take some time. Wishing all athletes, photographers, journalists, media team, moto bike drivers and the volunteers a sucessful day!”

Unfortunately Rauschendorfer passed away on July 18, 2019. He will be missed by athletes, organizers, his fellow photographers and journalists – the sport has lost a true visionary.

Below are some of the photos that Rauschendorfer provided to our sister publication, Triathlon (tri-mag.de), over the years.

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