Which NASDAQ tech stocks gained the most last week? We run through the five biggest gainers in this article.

The NASDAQ Composite Index (INDEXNASDAQ:IXIC) started last week at 7,097.49 points on Monday (August 10) and had settled at 7,887.42 points as of 11:34 a.m. EDT on Friday (Aug 16).

Cybersecurity company Cisco (NASDAQ:CSCO) announced its fiscal fourth quarter 2019 earnings report, with its earnings per share (EPS) climbing 19 percent year-over-year to reach US$0.83. Revenue climbed by 6 percent over the same time period, as software subscriptions helped revenues reach US$13.4 billion for the quarter.


Another big company that shared major news this week was high-performance computing company NVIDIA (NASDAQ:NVDA), which posted a handful of major news items for the week.

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In addition to reporting a decline in year-over-year revenues, with revenues of US$2.58 billion in Q2 versus Q2 2018’s US$3.12 billion, the company made strides in its work in conversational artificial intelligence (AI).

Breaking record times, NVIDIA’s language model BERT can infer a body of text as quickly as two milliseconds, outpacing similar competitors’ speed five-fold. NVIDIA has previously partnered with Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) to use NVIDIA’s AI with Microsoft’s Azure search engine software.

Looking back at the week, in the small- and mid-cap spaces, the five top gainers were as follows:

Marin Software

Online advertising company Marin Software provides search advertising solutions at scale. Marin utilizes third party information to help companies increase return on investment across channels. The company has clients that include Square (NYSE:SQ), Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) and Nissan (OTC Pink:NSANY).

Over the week, Marin posted no major announcements; however, the previous week saw the release of Marin’s second quarter financial results on Thursday (August 8). “Marin strengthened its balance sheet during the second quarter and continued to expand support for emerging channels such as Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), LinkedIn, and Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) Search Ads,” said Marin Software CEO Chris Lien in a press release.

Over the week, Marin Software’s shares climbed by 22.16 percent to US$2.41 as of 11:31 a.m. EDT on Friday.

Sito Mobile

Location data company Sito Mobile develops hyper-targeted  campaigns for its clients, leveraging its ability to target 98 percent of US and Canadian mobile users. Through tracking walk-ins per store and applying ad-attribution analytics after a given ad is seen by an individual, Sito Mobile helps companies achieve higher sales.

Last week, Sito Mobile appointed Gregg Saunders as chief financial officer. Saunders has a lengthy history in media and private equity.

Sito Mobile’s shares reached US$0.76, which is a 17.69 percent hike, as of 11:36 a.m. EDT on Friday.

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Integrated Media Technology

Integrated Media Technology (IMT), based in Hollywood, California, is a company that provides online advertising and data storage solutions. Health company Beachbody, for example, has worked with IMT to reach an audience of 23 million viewers with its health and fitness online video presence. SharkNinja, another major client of IMT, has utilized its online advertising services to improve its user interface and product suite.

Although the company had no notable news last week, shares of Integrated Media Technology rose 11.52 percent to reach US$7.80 as of 10:04 a.m. EDT on Friday.

Perion Network

Perion Network is an online advertising company with 20 locations internationally and over 400 employees. Perion provides four core services: CodeFuel, Undertone, MakeMeReach and SmileBox. CodeFuel, its search division, helps generate revenue through optimizing search traffic and native ads. Through its monetization methods, CodeFuel leverages its longstanding relationship with Microsoft Bing to provide competitive search options.

Despite not reporting any news this last week, Perion’s shares climbed 11.46 percent to reach US$5.70 as of 11:52 a.m. EDT on Friday.

USA Technologies

Capping off the week is USA Technologies. The payments technology company offers cashless payment solutions and customer engagement solutions. The company has been in operation over 15 years; it partnered with MasterCard (NYSE:MA) as early as 2006 for its contactless payment services. USA Technologies’ point of sales solutions are primarily driven through its ePort Connect service.

While the company had no news for the week, on Thursday (August 7) the company was heralded as one of the top 10 kiosk solutions providers according to Retail CIO Outlook magazine.

Shares of USA Technologies reached US$7.71, an 8.31 percent hike, as of 12:00 p.m. EDT on Friday.

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