The director-of-photography for 2017’s Justice League, Fabian Wagner, has expressed his disappointment at how much of his work was cut from the film’s theatrical version. Following the tragic passing of his daughter, Zack Snyder stepped down from directing duties on the superhero team-up and the film headed in for significant reshoots. Despite assurances from Warner Bros. that the film would essentially remain Snyder’s vision, the finished product proved to be a massive detour from what Snyder intended for Justice League.

In the nearly two years since the film’s release, the topic of the “Snyder Cut” of Justice League remains as omnipresent as ever among DC fans. Aquaman star Jason Momoa recently threw gasoline on the fire after boasting about seeing the film on social media. Wagner also recently commended the “Snyder Cut” campaign’s charitable contributions towards suicide prevention, while also voicing his own support for the film’s release, becoming just the latest in a growing number of the Justice League cast and crew to do so.

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During Wagner’s interview with Comic Book Debate, the cinematographer, who was not involved with the film’s reshoots, was asked to estimate what percentage of the footage seen in the theatrical version of Justice League was shot by him. Wagner explained that “It’s hard for me to say how exactly much was changed, but a lot was changed, and it looked very different.” Wagner further stated that he was “crying through the film due to just how much of his and Snyder’s original work had been omitted from the movie’s theatrical cut.

Zack Snyder at San Diego Comic-Con

Additionally, Wagner shared that he had met his wife while making Justice League, and expressed his gratitude for working under Snyder’s direction, stating “Its sad for me, because I loved working with Zack. I had the best time of my life.” Wagner further illustrated just how drastic a departure the theatrical cut of Justice League was from the what he shot under Snyder’s stewardship, stating “There was not much stuff left of the stuff that we’d done.” This, of course, stands completely at odds with the studio’s official description of the reshoots in the lead up to the movie’s theatrical release in November of 2017.

On top of Wagner’s public support of Snyder’s vision for Justice League, the details he’s shared on how heavy the alterations to the film ultimately proved to be is sure to add even more fuel to the fire for the “Snyder Cut”. Aside from his interview with Comic Book Debate, Wagner has also shared quite a few never-before-seen images from the film himself on social media, which along with Snyder’s own social media teases have provided a clear picture of how radically different a film the “Snyder Cut” really is from the theatrical cut. Ultimately, the decision to release the “Snyder Cut” rests with Warner Bros. However, until the green light is finally given, the details shared by Wagner have ensured that the demand for the “Snyder Cut” of Justice League won’t be dying down anytime soon.

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Source: Comic Book Debate

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