TRANSFERRING patients between departments has become easier for Gladstone Hospital staff thanks to new surgical equipment.

The hospital has bought four new patient monitors, a new ultrasound, new anaesthetic machine, a third operating table, four telescopes and three bronchovideoscopes (to deliver bronchoscopies).

In the 2018-19 financial year 3165 surgeries were performed in the hospital including 174 procedures for life-threatening conditions, and 46 requiring immediate surgery.


Central Queensland Hospital and Health Services Gladstone executive director Sandy Munro said the new monitors would allow for ease of transfer of patients from perioperative care.

A Gladstone hospital nurse uses the new surgery monitors. Liana Walker

“They enable us to monitor the patients after they’ve come out of surgery and they’re in recovery to ensure we monitor their vital signs, oxygen levels and blood pressure until they go back to the ward,” Mrs Munro said.

“It’s really important to have up to date equipment and monitors particularly when patients have been through our surgery and had a procedure.

“We need to know their vital signs are at their normal parameters before they go back to the ward.”

The hospital has also welcomed a new nurse unit manager for perioperative care Dearne Dunks.

Gladstone Hospital's new Preoperative Nurse Unit Manager Dearne Dunks with new surgery monitors.

Gladstone Hospital’s new Preoperative Nurse Unit Manager Dearne Dunks with new surgery monitors. Liana Walker

She said the new machines were interchangeable with those in the High Dependency Unit and the Emergency Department.

“It’s great to have them standardised throughout the hospital,” Mrs Dunks said.

“It’s great that we can transfer the patients with these modules so we can pull them out and pop them on the bed and keep them monitored while we go from this unit in the theatre around to HDU.

“So we have that constant visual monitoring aspect.”

Mrs Dunks has moved from South Australia with decades of experience in perioperative care around Australia.

She said no matter where she works she always has two main goals for a hospital.

“I always like to achieve great patient standards and a really great culture in the hospital,” she said.

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