Apple’s new iPhone 11 range launches next week and the headline upgrades are likely to win as many fans as their polarising designs lose. But be warned, we now know Apple has something far more radical lined-up. 



In a new report obtained by 9to5Mac, famed Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo has confirmed that Apple will overhaul the three biggest features of the iPhone 11 next year. And these are changes users will care about. 

First, Kuo states that Apple will deliver an “all-new form factor design” in 2020. The term ‘form factor’ implies a completely different kind of iPhone and Apple has already gone public with its work on a folding iPhone. But even if Kuo is only referring to an overhaul of the current design, this will be a big selling point as the iPhone X notch will be four years old at that point. 

Second, Kuo states 5G is coming to all 2020 iPhones. This doubles down on a similar claim he made in July and with Apple one of the few company’s which won’t offer customers any 5G option this year, this catch-up is essential in 2020. 


Third, camera upgrades. The biggest iPhone 11 upgrade is its triple-lens camera, but Apple also dropped radical 3D mapping technology from it along with a Time Of Flight sensor which has become common on rival flagships. Kuo doesn’t spell out that these will be the changes in 2020, but Bloomberg is convinced

In addition to this, Kuo has already stated Apple will produce new iPhone screen sizes next year while the return of Touch ID, 120Hz ProMotion displays and the long-awaited move to USB-C are hotly tipped. 

So iPhone 11 buyers be warned: much like the iPhone 8, you’ll be buying into the final generation of an ageing iPhone design tied to connectivity Apple is already teasing as outdated. And the asking price remains high.

The decision is yours but, come 2020, I suspect upgraders will regret it. 


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