User experience design has been the center of attention for all companies working with UI/UX design. A user-oriented approach in web design assures high quality, simplicity, and navigation for websites. A well-designed user interface is a must.

The notion of user experience design goes far beyond visual elements. It concerns the structure and the way the information is presented. Product adoption becomes much easier due to the precise arrangement and understandable interface. Thus, hiring the right UI/UX design agency makes all the difference.

Based on some quantitative and qualitative metrics, we have compiled a list of Top User Experience (UX) Design Agencies for 2019. This list should facilitate your search and guide you among a vast number of design agencies offering a great variety of services. Find UI/UX design and development services according to your needs and financial capacity.



Momentum Worldwide opens the rank of Top 2019’s Best UX Design Agencies, according to Momentum strives to help companies all over the world understand, imagine, and create their brand identity through UI/UX design.

Despite the industry, company experts deliver an impactful user experience for their clients as they believe that customer-centered design is the answer to all questions.

The company offers decision-based and technology-driven services for better customer experience management.


Since 2000, Praxet has launched over 300 successful products and earned the title of the leading UX design agency from Clutch.

The company’s experts know precisely how to turn your experience into business growth. A dedicated team of designers helps you to design a product that will become a digital innovation. Praxet experts will guide you through all the stages of design on the way to your business goals.

Brave UX

Brave UX is a full-service user experience agency oriented both towards the building and design of interfaces. The company encourages only research-based solutions. Thus it has earned a leading position in the list of Top User Experience (UX) Agencies by Clutch.

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The company experts enjoy solving complex tasks and developing sophisticated interfaces. Brave Ux covers a wide range of services, starting with conception and branding up to front-end development. Undoubtedly, Brave UX is a trustworthy and reliable partner that can guarantee a corresponding level of user satisfaction for your brand.


Clay has a reputation as the Top UI/UX and web design agency based in the US. It is a full-service design agency eager to work with companies of various sizes and experiences. For over a decade, Clay experts have helped their clients to discover their brand identity.

The Manifest recognizes clay as a leading UI/UX design agency due to its creativity and reliability. Clay experts scrutinize all of the tiniest product details for their clients and spare them from routine explanations and discussions. Trust your business success to a reliable company.

Fireart Studio

Fireart Studio was recognized as a top UX design company by Clutch in 2019. Besides the services of web design and graphic design, the company is successful in providing app development services.

The company experts apply an individual approach to complex problems. Thus, Fireart has already completed over 300 projects, with their clients completely satisfied with the results. This comparatively young studio has worked with notable brands and earned the reputation of a top UI/UX design and development services provider.


Slide UX is a UI/UX design agency located in Australia. The company was started in 2012 as a support to product teams and marketers in the matters of user experience and design. Slide UX provides user research, persona development, visual design, prototyping, wireframing, and numerous other services of high quality.

The company experts focus on user experience. Therefore the company belongs to the number of Top 6 User Experience (UX) Design Agencies by the version of The Manifest. Moreover, Slide UX was among top user experience agencies, according to Clutch for three years in a row.


Our list of top user experience design companies was developed to assist you in the choice of the most appropriate company for your needs. Keep in mind that a perfect UX design company should know your business like their own. Therefore, the design process requires careful research, thorough, and detailed communication.

Choose the experts who know how to listen best. There is no ‘final product’ in terms of design. You should be ready to improve, and the design company you choose should accompany you along this process.

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