SEVIERVILLE, Tenn. — John Saunders said he was pulling onto Dolly Parton Parkway when something caught his attention.

“I heard the first sound of an accident and then it was followed by three loud bumps..bump, bump, bump,” he said.

According to Saunders and Sevierville Police, an SUV collided with a delivery truck on Wednesday. 


“That’s when I watched the van slide into my vision,” Saunders said. 

Sevier Wreck

John Saunders

However, by the time Saunders could pull over more than 10 people came to the family’s rescue.

“There were eight to 12 people helping the people out of the van,” he said. 

Saunders is a local photographer, and after emergency services got to the scene he captured the moment.

“I noticed several ladies and gentlemen in the area helped get the kids across the street to keep them out of peril,” he said. 

According to Saunders, the family made it out of the SUV safely and several days later he followed up to check on them.

“It was beyond belief to them is how they put it,” he said. 

It was one more thing Saunders felt he had to do.

“They felt they were totally blessed,” he said.

He later sent every picture to them on Facebook.

“They immediately grabbed them out, everybody helped and it was just an amazing sight to see,” Saunders said. 

It was a moment he said went from a scary situation to a snapshot of the good people can do.

“It was a feel-good moment for me since everyone got out safely and all the help that was around them,” he said. 

Sevier Crash

John Saunders

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