TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) — The Heavenly Visions Foundation is a photography program that provides photographic training for the youth.

(WIBW/Danielle Martin)

The program is honoring Veterans for Veterans Day through their new book called, “Profiles of Courage.”


“I never received that when I came back from Vietnam, so it’s a good feeling,” Veteran, Terry Crowder said.

The Heavenly Visions Foundation held a reception honoring veterans and youth photographers on Saturday.

Crowder appreciates the youth photography project, “it was really enlightening to me that these young kids did a terrific job.”

The photography program aims to give kids the opportunity to explore the world through their lens. The program is made of youth photographers aged from 8-18.

“I know how to use my camera properly and how to take good photos and when the lighting is fine and when its not,” HVF photographer, Sophia Abankwah said.

President Yolanda Taylor wanted to give kids an opportunity to see the world differently.

“The kids really get a chance to do a lot of things that they would normally not do, if it wasn’t for this program,” Taylor explained.

The Profiles of Courage participants features 19 veterans through a portrait style.

“We teach them photography, give them the basic training then they take that training and share that in the community like today, you see the kids walking around taking pictures,” Taylor said.

Each veteran that was photographed in the book had a chance to share their story and sign the kids book showing that they appreciate their work.

“I think it’s a blessing to see young people so involved in this photography and especially interviewing the Veterans,” Crowder emphasized.

The program plans to expand on to their next book. If any youth photographer is interested in joining the program, you can contact Yolanda Taylor through Facebook,

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