Hillary Clinton, Democratic Presidential candidate for 2016 US elections, has criticised Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Clinton spoke to The Guardian, saying that Zuckerberg “should pay the price” for what he is doing to democracy. She was speaking in New York at screening of documentary titled ‘The Great Hack’. The documentary is about Cambridge Analaytica scandal that embroiled Facebook in 2018.

Cambridge Analytica has been linked to Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Trump campaign manager, however, strongly denied any links to Cambridge Analytica.

“When Facebook is the principal news source for more than half of the American people, and the only source of news that most of them pay any attention to, and if it announces that it has no responsibility for the airing of false ads … how are you supposed to get accurate information about anything, let alone candidates running for office?” she says in The Guardian report.

Facebook’s third-party fact-checking programme exempts ads from politicians, but not from political groups. Hillary Clinton, however, praised Twitter’s decision to ban all political ads worldwide.


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