WhatsApp has pushed-out a neat new update for its chat app. Literally.

The update now means sending multiple photos back-to-back will result in the images being automatically grouped together in a small album. This stops images cluttering up your chat window and makes it easier to get more of a complete picture of what you’ve been talking about at a glance – rather than having to scroll endlessly through a series of images to get back to the text message you want to reply to.

WhatsApp added this feature to its smartphone apps years ago. However, WhatsApp Web users have still been stuck scrolling through endless individual posts for each image like it’s still 2016.


Thankfully, that’s no longer the case. As well as photos, WhatsApp will now collate multiple stickers sent back-to-back into a gallery view that you can check separately, too.

So those who like to send a stream of MeMoji Stickers to their friends won’t be able to clog up the group chat with endless images of their grinning face.

Just like on WhatsApp for iPhone and Android, tapping on one of these groupings in the app will load a separate window where you can scroll through all of the images grouped together by the app. If you want to delete multiple images, you can remove the entire gallery in one fell swoop, which should save some time compared to deleting them one at a time.

WhatsApp is going through a period of real productivity at the moment. After months of very few new features, the Facebook-owned chat app has pushed a slew of upgrades and updates out of the door within the last few weeks, including the ability to lock the chat app on Android using your fingerprint – to stop prying partners or overly-curious colleagues.

There was also a new feature that stops anyone with your mobile number from being able to add you to a new group chat with strangers.

WhatsApp is adding features all the time, but one that’s still missing in action is the ever-elusive Dark Mode. Screenshots of the new appearance, which would match the system-wide look introduced with iOS 13 and Android 10 earlier this year and is designed to save your eyes when using your smartphone late at night, first cropped-up in beta versions of the app 18-months ago.

More evidence has surfaced since then, but despite other Facebook-owned apps getting the gloomy makeover, WhatsApp has kept its retina-scorching white appearance.

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