The holidays are here, and that means you’d better get shopping if you haven’t started already because it’s going to sneak up on you much faster than you would think it would. To make things a bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of the 5 best gadgets to gift this holiday season—so get your Amazon ready.

  • SodaStream Fizzi One Touch – For Sparkling Water Fanatics


    Is there someone in your life that drinks nothing but La Croix? Sparkling water is just so in right now, but it often adds up both financially and sustainably and means you have to carry heavy packages home whenever you hit up the grocery store. Instead, the SodaStream is the answer to all of your problems. The Fizzi One Touch gives you the perfect sparkling water with just the touch of a button, turning regular water into sparkling water in seconds. Plus, it eliminates your single-use plastic consumption significantly—especially if you’ve got a hefty Perrier addiction like we do.

    The SodaStream Fizzi One Touch comes in a variety of colors and packages, ranging from $89 to $131 depending on whether or not you buy the hydration pack that comes with extra bottles and a pack of lemon fruit drops to make your sparkling water flavored. Right now, though, you can snag the product for 20% off when you buy directly from the SodaStream website during Cyber Week.

  • Google Home Mini

    Google Home Mini

    We understand that in 2019 most people already have an Amazon Echo, but hear us out. The Google Home Mini is an affordable smart home assistant that connects easily to other smart home devices like Nest. Plus, it comes in tons of cute colors and is available for only $25 at most retailers.

  • This XL Wireless Charging Pad

    This XL Wireless Charging Pad

    The only problem with wireless charging is that most of the charging pads you find in stores are only big enough to fit one device. Instead of having to ignore the fact that wireless charging is even an option on 2/3 of your devices (assuming you’ve got the trinity: wireless phone, wireless watch, wireless ear buds), just get a bigger charger. Or get someone else a bigger charger—since this is a gift guide and all. This one from Amazon is only $27.99 and fits up to three devices at a time.

  • Nintendo Switch Lite

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    Nintendo’s Switch console quickly became one of the world’s most popular gaming consoles after it was released in 2017. The device, which can switch between being a television console and a portable one, got rid of the need to buy two different gaming devices and waste money on games for each one. Now the company has released the Nintendo Switch Lite, a portable-only version of the ever-popular gaming console for people that may only want the portable aspect of the device for cheaper.

    The devices come in three colors—yellow, blue, and grey—and it retails for $199 at most retailers, including Amazon.

  • Air Pods Pro

    Air Pods Pro

    Apple’s highly anticipated follow up to the Air Pods got rid of a lot of the logistical issues that consumers found in the first couple of generations. The Air Pods Pro allow total noise cancellation, transparent hearing mode, and a custom fit so they don’t fall out of your ear. They’re a bit pricier than previous editions of the Air Pods at $250, but trust us when we say they’re worth it.

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