A budding photographer is offering his services for free in exchange for three unopened toys.


Brad Pittman, a Wilson food and lifestyle photographer and owner of One Asian Photography, has collected about 70 toys so far and given away many photographs of families and children.

“I am trying to get my photography business going and trying to go more to a professional level,” Pittman said. “I just know everybody loves Christmas and nobody can get the time to take any good pictures, and I just figured this is the best way to get people great pictures.”

Pittman attended Beddingfield High School and graduated from Hunt High School and has a day job working as a manager at Parker’s Barbecue in Wilson.

“I always took pictures and videos but just started picking it up once my son was born,” Pittman said. “I just started really enjoying it. I am just trying to get out there and trying to be more professional about it.”

Pittman started branching out and taking pictures of other people.

“For this year, I just wanted to mainly get my name out,” Pittman said. “They can bring in three to four unopened toys, I will donate them to the children for Christmas to try to make them happy.”

Pittman has three scenes he has arranged as backdrops.

“I have 13 sessions this weekend,” Pittman said last week. “I am trying to get at least 120 toys total for the donation. I haven’t decided where I am going to bring these toys to, but I definitely want them to go to a good place. I have thought of Toys for Tots. I want to do the Wilson area. I am just up for options. If anyone has some good pointers, I would love to hear it. I just want to make some kids happy this year. I don’t know who it will be, but I’m going to make somebody happy.”

To reach Pitman, call him at 252-292-7677.

“All I am asking for is three unopened toys and you have 30 minutes of my photography time,” Pittman said. “Let’s get in as much as we can, some great pictures for your families. The thing is to be thankful. You’ve got to give to receive.”

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