Time is money. The faster you get things done, the more you’re able to earn. This is the rule IT businesses follow. They don’t take one project and put their entire team on it for years. They commit to projects that they can handle, assign a suitable team, and try to get it done as soon as possible. But the difficult task is getting work done faster. You may have one superstar, but not everyone works to complete their work faster. You have to use a few strategies to complete projects in the shortest time possible. Here is how you can enhance the work speed of your software development team. 

Use the ‘Environment as a Service’

All IT companies have digitally transformed themselves to operate efficiently. They use many technologies like clouds, but we all know how fast these industry changes. In order to keep up with the market and perform your best, you need to acquire a reusable modular environment. It will optimize your infrastructure utilization, cut cloud costs, and enhance productivity. You can request a live demo from Quali to see how your team works on hybrid and multi-cloud. 

Adjusting Teams Strategically

Many people think hiring more programmers is the solution to getting more work done in a short time. I, and many experts, beg to differ. The better practice is to adjust your teams strategically to get more work done. Offer them a reward on extraordinary performance and see them working like a machine. On the other hand, it takes time and resources to hire and train new employees. The focus of your senior developers would be diverted to conducting technical interviews and training the new recruits. 

Plan the Entire Model Before-Hand


You can’t expect your team employees to meet unrealistic deadlines. So you have to create SMART goals, which won’t be possible without planning the entire model before starting the project. With proper modeling, you would know how many modules you have to develop, how much time they will take, and which team is best suited for each module. Only after this will you be able to assign the right person on the job to enhance productivity and speed. 

Ensure Developers Understand Complete Model

While you or project managers will have a full understanding of the project you are about to begin, it’s just as important for developers. Conduct sessions to brief the project and the model and how each developer will play his/her role. It will improve their teamwork and decrease cowboy coding. 

Follow Practices to Avoid Rework

In software development, there is always rework required, which takes unnecessary time and resources. While you can’t avoid it, you can minimize it. Rework is required mainly due to three reasons: bugs, completion of the wrong task, and vague requirements. Encourage bug fixing during development and clearly define the requirements and responsibilities of each actor. 

Take Early Feedbacks

Instead of completing the entire project and then sending it to the client for feedback, do this step earlier. Send a demo or some of the completed modules to ensure everything is done according to the client’s desire. If improvement is needed, you can do it during the development phase and avoid those mistakes in the remaining modules. 

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