Camera equipment is quite expensive, and investing in a new body or lens is no small decision. If that is something you are currently considering, this fantastic video will give you a lot of perspective on both the purchasing process and what we really need as photographers.

Coming to you from Maarten Heilbron, this great video discusses his perspective on the cost of camera equipment and where we should put our money. Most of us would love to have all the latest and greatest gear, of course; after all, new cameras and lenses are fun things to nerd out over. But they are not cheap at all, so most of us can’t just drop the money down whenever we want some new gear. For the hobbyist, this is merely a question of personal budget, but for the professional, it is a bit trickier when you are balancing the cost of the investment versus the potential revenue it will bring you or improvements in your workflow. It is also important to consider where you put your money; we often think of a new camera first, but often, a better lens or another piece of gear will do more good. Check out the video above for Heilbron’s full thoughts. 

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