Windows 10X was officially unveiled alongside the Surface Neo. The new Microsoft operating system was exclusively designed to folding devices. The system is a new attempt by the company to unite the best of Windows Phone, Windows 10 for ARM and Windows 10, but done from scratch. And it will not only be present on company devices, but it will also be open to OEMs such as ASUS, Dell, HP or Lenovo. Unfortunately, we will not be able to install it on any computer as we can do with Windows 10, but we will have to acquire a device that already includes it, which will further limit its expansion.

Windows 10X is built under Windows Core OS, the new modular system on which the company will base all its operating systems. This idea of ​​a modular system as the basis for all your software is quite good, and it is sure to bring you enough success to simplify developments and have an ecosystem with more adaptable functions.

Windows 10X will be able to run too Win32 applications, since it will have a x86 processor manufactured by Intel. This will make it possible not only to run native applications in the operating system that the company includes, but also to run programs and even games that we currently run on a Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft changes its mind: Windows 10X will come to laptops


In addition to folding devices, Microsoft has confirmed today that the operating system will also reach laptops and single-screen devices. The reason for launching it, according to them, is that “The world is very different from how it was last October when we shared our vision for a new category of folding devices with Windows”, to which he adds that “they designed Windows 10X with the flexibility in mind, being able to harness the power of the cloud to help its users work, learn, and play in new ways. ” This implies that in order to run some programs it may be necessary to use virtualization or connection to the cloud, which adds more obstacles to something that can be done with a much cheaper computer.

And that is part of the problem, where we have seen that Microsoft has very good products at the hardware and software level, but then it is not able to give them the support they deserve or has no clear purpose for them. Nobody, in their right mind, would install Windows 10X on a laptop (if they can) if they can use the normal version of Windows 10, avoiding a multitude of compatibility problems or having limited customization. It is the same reason that Windows 10 S was not used by anyone, although for now Windows 10X has in its favor being able to run Win32 programs.

Thus, Microsoft is known for quickly killing its systems as soon as they are not successful, despite the fact that they are good. We saw it with Windows Phone, where more and more developers were removing apps. It also happened with Windows 10 S, which eventually became a Windows 10 mode, and the same thing happened with Windows 10 for ARM, which we have not heard from since the company has already started to focus its efforts on Windows 10X. And finally, we also saw him with the Mixed Reality of the company, where despite offering a very good price and benefits, they stopped selling them on their own website and it is very difficult to get hold of some in general. In fact, on their American website they sell the HTC Vive Cosmos or the Oculus Rift instead of their own mixed reality glasses, proving that they have thrown in the towel.

In addition, Windows 10X will first reach single-screen devices, demonstrating the company’s total change of course in just a few months where folding was previously prioritized. That is a big difference that they have against Apple, which, when they launch a new device or system, they do so giving it all the support and cohesion possible. With Microsoft we have seen that many devices and even systems have been killed for a few months after launching them.

$ 2,499 for a dubious future product

The current crisis has also forced Microsoft to rethink in which segment to introduce its new operating system, since there is little justification to spend $ 2,499 in a device limited in terms of performance and applications, being able to have for that money a high-end mobile with Android and an ultrabook with Windows 10. For this reason, everything points to the Neo being delayed to 2021, where the company is afraid to play to be Apple with an operating system with even fewer apps than Windows Phone can play tricks on you.

Additionally, Microsoft claims that, during confinement, the use of Windows 10 devices has increased by 75%, and if they launch Windows 10X for those devices, the company believes it will gain market share more quickly. Thus, in just 8 months, the company has backed down and canceled its initial plan to bet solely on Windows 10X for folding devices such as the Surface Neo. About the Surface Duo, which is based on Android, they have not given new details.

Windows 10X will be modern, lighter, and faster, but it shows that Microsoft doesn’t learn from mistakes. The new system shows us how it will be part of the future of Windows 10 at the level of design and new apps, and that is what the company should have introduced in the system for years. The problem is that getting rid of the old Windows components is almost impossible without breaking compatibility for users, which is why they have to launch this new operating system that allows Win32 applications to run, but in a separate sandbox, prioritizing the use of apps. native. Therefore, everything points to Windows 10X being a simple testimony of the functions that will come to Windows 10 in the future.

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