Following the World Health Organization’s (WHO) warning of the potential for COVID-19 infection from touching contaminated objects and surfaces, city-owned bus operator Transjakarta has added four new features on its Tije application: Transfer Ticket, Digital QR Ticketing, Smart Assistance and Real Time.

Jakarta Transportation Agency head of road transport Susilo Dewanto said in a statement that digital innovation had been a top priority, as the company sought to support the city administration’s efforts to control COVID-19 transmission.

The innovation is also in-line with Regional Strategic Activity No. 29 on the Jak Lingko Integrated Transportation system, one of the success indicators of which is the implementation of the One Person One Ticket system by Transjakarta.


Therefore, the four features were launched to allow Transjakarta passengers to make contactless transactions and access the integrated system.

Transfer Ticket, for instance, allows app users to purchase Transjakarta tickets for friends or family members via their mobile phones. Meanwhile, Digital QR Ticketing enables contactless transactions, as users only need to scan a QR code when purchasing a ticket.

Additionally, the Smart Assistance and Real Time features aim to provide users with comfortable and hassle-free journeys.

The former serves as a personal assistant that can remind users about their upcoming trips with Transjakarta.

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The Real Time feature, meanwhile, provides passengers with information about Transjakarta’s schedule.

“Passengers do not need to open various apps or visit bus stops to check the bus’s estimated time of arrival. They only need to open the Tije app on their mobile phones,” said the company in a statement.

Following the launch of the new features, Transjakarta’s service and development director Achmad Izzul Waro said the bus operator would also install free Wi-Fi connections at all bus stops along all corridors. High-speed internet services will be provided along corridors 1 to 12 by the end of this year, while a fiber optic network will be installed along corridor 13.

“We are going to prepare the fiber optic cable along corridor 13, so the service can be enjoyed by all passengers and Jakarta residents,” he explained.

Izzul said the high-speed internet service aimed to improve passenger queue management during busy hours.   

He also encouraged entrepreneurs to use the free Wi-Fi service to support their businesses.

The Tije application is available for download on the Play Store and App Store. (jes) 



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