It’s time once again for a new Telegram update that brings both new and improved features to your favorite (we assume) messaging app. For this post-Halloween update, they’re bringing new things like multiple pinned posts, playlists for music files sent through the app, new animations and emojis, plus improvements on its Live Location feature. There are also improvements on channel statistics for those who are managing channels. There are still some Halloween treats in this update so it’s never too late to include the animated emoji in your messages.


Pinned messages shouldn’t be limited to just one so with Telegram, you’ll now be able to pin multiple messages. To be able to view those, you can tap the top bar so you can jump between messages. You can also tap the pin icon on the right to view all the pinned messages in just one page. You can also now have pinned message in one-on-one chats when previously it was only available on channels and groups.

Live locations have also been improved as you’ll now get a notification if a contact is near you, provided they have shared their live location to you or your group of course. The live location map will also show which direction your contact is going so you won’t miss each other in case you want to meet up or something. If you send multiple songs in one message, they will now be arranged in a Playlist and opening one song will queue the entire playlist in the built-in media player.

For those managing channels on Instagram, you’ll now get stats for individual posts. You’ll even get a list of the public channels to which your post was forwarded to. The update also brings new animations for sending messages and switching songs in the built-in music player. If you want to feel lucky (or unlucky), there’s a slot machine emoji that you can play around with. The “game” also works with the dice, basketball, football, and target emojis.

You can update your Telegram app to the latest version to enjoy all these emojis. We always look forward to Telegram updates so until the next one, enjoy sending Halloween emojis until the end of the month.

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