Google has announced that it has extended the limit of Google Meet calls and now offers up to 24 hours free video calling service till June 2021. The tech company had earlier extended the unlimited Google Meet calls for free until March 31. The news was announced by Google on its Twitter handle for Google Workspace. Here’s more about the same.

Google Meet free 24 hours video call service extended

The tweet read, “We’re continuing unlimited #GoogleMeet calls (up to 24 hours) in the free version through June 2021 for Gmail accounts →”. Back in March 2020, Google had revealed that its Google Hangout features (now rebranded as Google Meet) will be free for Gmail users. Hence some of its capabilities will no longer be restricted to paid customers only.

According to a report in Gadgets Now, only a month after this, Google announced its video conferencing platform, Meet. It was earlier made available for free till September 30, 2020. Later, the deadline was extended to March 31, 2021. Now it has been made free till June 2021.


Only earlier this month, Google rolled out support to view to all of its users. So even if someone is attending a Google Meet call from their smartphones now, the tile view will be available to them. The feature was introduced to both android and iOS users. This feature will help the iPhone users to see multiple participants at once during their meet on the video calling app.

Regular users of Google meet might already be aware that on the web, the number of people on screen is limited to 49. The limit on the mobile phone is even lesser given that it won’t be aesthetically pleasing to have too many users appear on the mobile phone. Recently the tech company made another change in its Google Maps feature.

Google Maps to use AI to carve out shortest paths for drivers

Google Maps will now reroute the drivers to the shortest paths using AI. This step will help to minimize the carbon footprint of these vehicles and make the journey more “eco friendly”. In a statement released on Monday, Google, owned by Alphabet Inc. said that it has collaborated with the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Lab, to build this new advanced routing model.

Image Credit: Gmail (Twitter)

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