Live photo is the feature that is present in the iPhone camera that gives life to your pictures. Usually, a still photo freezes the moment but the Live Photo captures a 3-second movement of the image. Long exposure
images can also be created through Live Photos. It adds pre and post-production situations by capturing the live photos from 1.5 seconds before you press the shutter button to 1.5 seconds after the image is captured.

It captures audio and videos to be heard for any sound that has occurred in your Live photo when you play it back. The button is present on the iPhone and you can easily switch it on or off to your requirements. You can also edit Live Photos, change the key photo, and add fun effects like Bounce and Loop. In addition to using photo editing tools, you can also change the Key Photo, trim the length or mute the sound in your Live photos.

Here are the steps to editing and adding effects to Live Photos on your iPhone:

Edit Live Photo:


Unlock your iPhone and open the phone’s camera.

Now open the camera with the Live Photo option and tap on the Edit option.

Next, Click on the Live Photo button, and follow the steps below:

Set a key photo:

Now you can move the white frame on the frame viewer.

Now click on the Make Key Photo.

And then tap Done.

Trim a Live Photo:

You can drag either end of the frame viewer to select the frames in the Live Photoplays.

Make a still photo:

Here you can click on the Live button at the top of the screen to turn off the Live feature.

The Live Photo becomes a still of its key photo.

Mute a Live Photo:

Tap the Mute button at the top of the screen.

Click again to unmute.

Add Effects to Live Photo:

Adding effects will enhance the Live Photos to turn them into fun videos.

Now open the Live Photo on your iPhone.

Next swipe up to see the effects and choose the options below:

Loop: It repeats the action in a continuous looping video.

Bounce: This effect rewinds the action backward and forward.

Long Exposure: It simulates a DSLR-like long exposure effect by blurring motion.

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